Our ‘Nutshell’ tour takes you to the highlights of the tourism experience on Grand Cayman. You will take a boat ride out to see the stingrays and go for a snorkel; a bus ride to Hell and back; photo ops at the Old Homestead (a true Cayman-style house and white sand yard) and at Seven Mile Beach; and a 45-minute stop at the Turtle Farm where you will see four species of sea turtle, from hatchlings to full-grown breeding adults, and learn some of the natural history of these incredible animals.

To top it off, you will stop at a beautiful and quiet section of Seven Mile Beach for a Cayman-style lunch, which will include fish or chicken, rice, potato salad, mixed vegetables, and a soft drink and ALL THIS is included in the price of US$125/person!

After the tour, you will return to our capital, George Town, where (depending on your time constraints and ship schedule) you will be able to shop, visit one of the many rum cake stores, or wander through the historic Heroes Square area where you will see the Legislative Assembly, original Town Hall, Town Clock, Courts Building, and Library.

Special Offer!! Save $10 Per Adult when you mention this offer! (regular price is US$125/person and you provide their lunch).

The tour lasts approximately 5.5 hours, and has an 8:15 AM departure, returning at 1:45 PM. Read the description of each stop below!

Stingray City and Snorkel Stops

Everyone who comes to Grand Cayman hears about Stingray City. It started as an area where the local fishermen stopped to clean their fish before heading back to land, to avoid the stifling mosquitoes there. They noticed as they were cleaning their fish that stingrays would come by to scavenge, and in the early 1950s, some of the fishermen thought tourists might like to see this phenomenon, and that’s where Stingray City got its start. Now there are two areas called Stingray City: one is the deeper one that is mostly frequented by scuba divers; and the other is the sandbar, where our trip will take you to get out of the boat, stand on the shallow sandbar, and interact with the stingrays. You will not believe how gentle and friendly these creatures are! Our guides will give you a briefing about the stingrays on the way out to see them, including safety information. Either before or after the stop at the Stingray City sandbar, you will be able to snorkel at either the Barrier Reef or the Coral Gardens, depending on which area our captain chooses that day. He will make the decision based on wind and tide conditions, as well as on numbers of people at each place. We try to go to the less populated of the two snorkel stops to give you the best experience possible. If you have a preference between the two, please mention that in the ‘Additional Comments’ section of our reservation form.

Turtle Farm

The Turtle Farm was started in the late 1960s as a research facility for endangered species of sea turtle, and also became a resource for fresh turtle meat, a local delicacy, thus obviating the need to continue fishing out the sea turtle population in the waters of the Caribbean. As part of our regular Cayman in a Nutshell tour you will be guided through the holding areas for turtles of different ages, and receive information about their natural history.


The area in West Bay known as Hell was named many years ago, allegedly by a Commissioner (the official governing person at the time) who dropped something in the area and let out a colourful phrase. With its eerie and craggy limestone formations, one can easily see why the name stayed. There is now a Hell Post Office, and even a local West Bay-er in a devil costume who, contrary to what you learned in Sunday school, is actually quite friendly! Postcards and souvenirs are available here, and many people have written home saying ‘Wish you were here!’

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is the most beautiful stretch of white sand beach you will ever see. It extends from West Bay on the northwest side of the island, almost to George Town on the southwest side. The view from the beach looking west over the innumerable blues of the Caribbean Sea is absolutely breathtaking. Our stop at Seven Mile Beach promotes total relaxation, or if you prefer a more active visit, that is available as well. Your tour is not complete until you have enjoyed a feast of Cayman-style fish or chicken, rice, potato salad, mixed vegetables and a soft drink, all made the local way. Bon appétit!

Tour Details

Try our Nutshell tour, and sample some of the things that made Cayman famous!

5 Hours
8:30 AM
US $125 per person